Barking Abbey Alumni Renee Johnson Allen

At Barking Abbey we pride ourselves on assisting our students move onwards when they finish their time at the School. Career Guidance is a main component of our program, ensuring that each player leaves the school with an understanding of the pathway that they can follow to reach their goals. A vast amount of time is spent advising each player on a one to one basis and also in exploring and marketing each player to the environment that best suits that individual.

With the ultimate aim of a professional basketball career we feel it is important that Barking Abbey Alumni go to environments that are right for them both on and off the court. We have more of our former players on scholarship in North America than any other program in the UK and pride ourselves on the fact that not only do our players achieve scholarships but that they also become major contributors to the programs that they attend. We believe that by students being realistic in the level of program that they attend it allows them to become successful rather than just sitting on the end of a bench.

Going to the United States is not the route that every player is able or wants, nor is it necessarily the best pathway for every individual to follow to reach a professional basketball contract. The United Kingdom now has a number of further education institutions that offer scholarships for basketball, combining them with a high quality education.

Of the Basketball Academy students that have completed their sixth form studies at Barking Abbey School, 81% of them have moved onto further education. We are proud that our graduating players have gone on to Universities such as Loughborough, Kingston, Brighton, London South Bank, Staffordshire, Northumbria, UWIC and Leeds Met.

Professional basketball teams from mainland Europe have now started to take a serious interest in the players produced in England and specifically by our program. We have been visited by scouts and representatives from numerous high profile clubs coming to look at our players and the suitability for their programs. Barking Abbey has already had three players sign professional basketball contracts in Spain and France and has linked with some of the worlds biggest agencies to ensure that players are protected and marketed in the correct fashion for starting a professional career.